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The School of Greatness Ten-Year Anniversary

Project scope📱

In 2013, Lewis Howes recorded the first episode of a podcast that would become a major success with well over 1,000 episodes and millions of downloads. 2023 marked ten years since that journey began for Lewis, and it was a momentous event that I wanted to capture with specific branding and merchandise to celebrate the occasion.

my role📱

I hand-lettered a new wordmark for this project to be used on different merchandise such as a poster, tote bag, and t-shirt. I also created a completely branded look for the ten-year anniversary that celebrated the brand's staying power.

The new wordmark📱

First, I used Procreate to sketch the word "Greatness" in a style that felt timeless.

Then, I brought that sketch into Adobe Illustrator, traced it, and then made some changes to the G.


Becoming Timeless

I took the same elements that I created for the poster and re-purposed them for the t-shirts.

For this project, I wanted to embrace a mid-century style. The podcast began in 2013, and if we were to take any stylistic influence from 2013, the designs would have felt dated. I liked the idea of doing something mid-century because it makes the brand feel timeless, almost as if it's been around for longer than ten years.

For these posters, I had a lot of fun using various photos of Lewis, as he is the podcast host and the brand's face.

Additional products✏️🗒

Tote Bag & Stickers