logo design | branding📱

The Dr. Benjamin Hardy Show Podcast Identity

Project scope📱

I met with Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s Chief of Marketing and was shown what Dr. Hardy’s current branding was: a group of different together pieces from over the years that didn’t add up to a singularly clear and defined branding. They were about to change the name of their podcast from “Be Your Future Self” to “The Dr. Benjamin Hardy Show”, so they felt like it was the perfect time to finally establish a clear look for Dr. Hardy’s brand.

my role📱

I created a new logo for Dr. Hardy’s show which including establishing a color palette and secondary design elements. I used these to create the podcasts album art as well as a banner for the YouTube channel. Additionally, I created social templates for creating posts with quotes from Dr. Hardy. Quote posts like these are very popular in the online self-help space and having defined branding can help constantly call back to the brand when these are shared online.

beyond the logo📱

The Final Artwork

After creating the logo, I put everything together to create the podcast artwork for the show as well as a banner for the YouTube channel.

Social posts featuring inspirational quotes are massively popular in the self-help space, so I created these two social media templates as well.